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I have had many articles published and now I have them here on my site to share with you.

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Equissentials- Riding is serious business. It's my business and I am here to tell you that there are products and services I recommend. Connecting with your horse is what we all desire. Nothing helps secure your seat and set your balance like a pair of Equissentials breeches! I've tried all of the name brand breeches, burned through the cheap brands, and paid for the high priced German brands. None of them compare. Not only will these breeches be custom tailored to you, the Equissentials customer service is unmatched! More, Equissentials come in a variety of styles, colors and fun combinations that will be unique for you! Go ahead, try them. I guarantee you won’t just love them, you'll live in them!

Juice Plus- Working with problematic horses and keeping up with full time training schedule and farm requires not just good health, but excellent health. Nothing I've tried works like this whole food combination of 17 fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus more than gets you to good health! There are no fillers, no yeast, no preservatives, no gluten, just pure, whole food. Give your body the nutrition it needs to meet the demands you place on it. click here to learn more!

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