February 13th, 2013 I Couldn’t Resist

My Mom used to call me her “cat” largely because my curiosity could not be quelled. Christmas, Birthdays, anytime a gift was given, having to WAIT would nearly drive me crazy! I love being curious. It’s what fuels my learning and learning fuels my desire to reach for the STARS!
This past week I’ve spent a great deal of time working with others in the capacity I love most. In communication, review of issues and finally, solutions to find healing.
I was inspired to take the psychological profile on EHarmony…a little experiment I did because its a psych test I haven’t ever filled out!
I’ve done the Tony Robbins psych test, I’ve done the self efficacy tests, I’ve done online tests, I’ve done the Dr. Drew competency test…but as I am relationally satisfied…I never did the EHarmony test. It was time consuming, but FUN! And definitely will be a test I recommend in the future whether or NOT you have a mate.
Well, for one, I have never been one to follow convention. EHarmony is for those in need of a mate, right?
On its face, yes. But filling out their free questionaire, you get to know a lot about yourself and I think that’s important, so go on. I dare you. Fill one out for yourself and then do as I did…let it sit for a month or two. See what others say and then, re-read your profile.
I can tell you now, don’t do it if you plan on filling it out, erasing it, filling it out, erasing it….just be honest. Be YOU! You’ll learn a lot about yourself and you might even find out a few things that you didn’t know about yourself! I know I did. I realized that while I sometimes feel like I don’t articulate my thoughts well that I do write them well and I was happy with that. I also found that in doing this exercise that I found a new joy at the bottom of who I am. Compartmentalizing has always been a strength of mine and I realized that this was the part about the test that I liked best. It made it easy to address both the good and the bad of Karina Lewis. But for the most part, I think that the good stands out and for that, I am grateful to both the EHarmony test and because I’ve been able to achieve a level of pride in myself that isn’t arrogant…just REAL.
For the record…cause I know you are curious too…about my test results….here they are:
In my own wordsThe one thing I am most passionate about:
I am passionate about horses and animals of all kinds, farming, writing, cooking, traveling and spiritual empowerment, individuality and being grateful for small things, personal improvement and making a difference in the world using your strengths, being open minded and resourceful for yourself and others.

The most important thing I am looking for in a person is:
I recognize the people are mutifaceted and that individuality is appealing to me. However, individual personality traits are the foundation for any relationship and my perfect person will be honest, have integrity and be loyal and supportive, of good moral character, a good communicator, confident in who they are while being able to compromise without being condescending. The perfect person is a Leader but also able to listen. I appreciate a man who is successful and can appreciate a successful, independent woman. A man who appreciates a woman’s sensual side as well as one who works hard is also important. A man who is open minded.

The most influential person in my life has been:
I give many people credit for WHO I am, as I stand on the shoulders of greatness, people who have cared enough to educate me in my life. My business partner, My Grandfather, my Uncle and Aunt and my personal coach, others who work to empower and enlighten. How can you choose just one when so many deserve the credit!

..The three things which I am most thankful for:
•I am thankful for many things on a daily basis and practice being thankful minute by minute so I am thankful for this LIFE!
•I am also very thankful for my HEALTH.
•I am thankful for small things,DAILY.
Three of my best life-skills are:
•Maintaining an organized life
•Achieving personal goals
•Managing my finances
.The one thing I wish MORE people would notice about me:
I am loyal to a fault.

..The things I can’t live without are:
Privacy at the right times to renew and regenerate
Animals of all types
Balance and Harmony or the persuit of theme
Hard work, goals and personal/joint successes
..The first thing people notice about me:
People notice I am sincere and genuine. I am known for my magnetic personality and driven character. They recognize I am confident yet warm, passionate yet nurturing. I am a person of many gifts and skills that easily adapts and is adventuresome. My communication skills and open minded wisdom based in life experiences allow me to interact with many.

..A little more about me:
Sincerity, truth and honesty are important values. Imparting those to benefit others, our truer calling! Seeing someone for who they are and desiring to be beneficial to them as well as to one’s self. The recognition of an individual’s purpose in life is as important as mutual respect.

..My interestsI typically spend my leisure time:
I enjoy working with horses, animals of all kinds, farming and agriculture are also passions I persue in my free time. I enjoy writing and reading and being creative for the benefit of others. Self improvement and empowerment are important to me as are astrology and persuit of the holistic avenues in life that are open to us. I enjoy privacy to recharge as well and intimate time well spent, cooking as well as entrepreneurial persuits that are well organized and planned. I also enjoy cleaning and organizing.
The last book I read and enjoyed:
I am a master at doing two things at once and so I read The Ringing Cedars series, book 4, CO-CREATION and MAGIC, sequel in the SECRET series. Both excellent books on the holistic principles that make us human and push us to go to greater lengths to push our spiritual limits for the benefit of ourselves and others.
.According to my friends:My friends describe me as:
Hard Working

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