April 10th, 2013 Free Form Change

The world is only as big as the next creative mind.
It seems that horses and psychic impressions go hand in hand. Entering our new mainstream of horse enlightenment is a renewal of the arts and holistic practices that takes one into a world of unknowns and wonder.
Some time ago I met and worked with a very artistic young woman who loved both art, dance and just about anything air-like and adventuresome that this Taurus mind could not fathom. We are rooted in the reality of most situations even though we do dream large dreams.
She would send me photos of her and her horse, a beautiful black with her long red hair blowing in the wind with nothing but a red shawl to lightly cover her almost naked form. How the photographer got those photos so perfect still mystifies me. I am not immune to beauty, but running naked and barefoot with my horse (while it has crossed my mind) isn’t something I am so liberated to do. Still, I admire those that do and furthermore, do so in front of a camera. There’s someone behind that lens after all. It’s definitely a step outside of the artistic form some employ through classical dressage and I can appreciate the art form and the beauty of the same. I just know my “lane”. Dancing naked with my horse isn’t in my “lane”.
An article in Holistic Horse outlines one dancers choreography project with horses and how she’s been transformed by her experience with horses and their innate desire to become one.
Since Robert Vavra wrote Stallion of a Dream I have envisioned running so fast as to actually transform into a horse. That book still mesmerizes me and conjures fantasies of my own…although I am mostly if not fully clothed.
Still, I think that notion of truly wanting to become a horse is premature.
I definitely don’t want to do that until we have eradicated all forms of forceful egotism with horses. We as a human race are still a long way from that in my humble subservient opinion. For the record, those who know me will laugh at that last statement. My opinions are sometimes far from humble….or subservient. So goes the fight in support of the horse, a free a noble creature with emotions as tender and as diverse as our own and a purity and connection with the Earth and Universe that is yet uncharted.
I shall do so remaining clothed, as my work requires me to be ready and in my comfort zone, this includes full seat breeches.
On the other side of this coin, I like the horse and human equation. I think it works quite well when one has a passion to be a part of their world and be satisfied in our role within it. As a teacher and a healer, I find that often my most sought after talent is in the actual interpretation of horse’s behavior as well as human behavior. I like that role. I am the headlight on the train headed into the night.
Enter the land mine field of psychic horse trainer meets traditional training.
As we evolve in our enlightenment I should welcome this path as a way to expression. We are all the same after all, just not all on the same path. That is what work with horses really is all about. The love required to make a creature capable of trampling us into the dirt into a gentle and serene creature is anything but force and repetition. It truly is about free form and intuition, freedom and being at play with the Universe. Clothed or not it is during this interaction with horses we are truly free to be ourselves and also, to allow the horse to be free as well, without an agenda. Just an expectation that on its free will it will join us in our moment of spiritual free fall into a world where anything is possible and all is beautiful.