March 26th, 2012 Aemelie

How can a horse give you so many blessings in such a short amount of time? As Aemelie lay sleeping in the pasture I approached her and asked to enter her space. She accepted without a fuss and we lay together. I stroking her silky neck and leg and she snuffling my arm and leg with her lips. We lay there, completely at rest and peace and entertwined in one another’s thoughts. I had not seen Aemelie in two months, so this given time was precious, for both of us. Aemelie embraced me and fiercely laid back her ears at Crockett who had come over for a pet too. Aemelie wasn’t sharing me. She bobbed her head and Crockett backed off, his good natured feelings obviously hurt.
I used to scold Aemelie for such behavior but this time I let it pass and we continued to soak up the sun together, both of us with our eyes closed and then it happened.
Aemelie gifted me with a vision of us riding together sans equipment, in utter contentment and perfect harmony. She often does this in my dreams, visiting me with love, grace and openness. I call her an Angel because she obviously is one in the truest sense.
I visualized our being one and was thrilled. I’ve experienced this very same thing, open and awake, but this was just a “dream” or was it?
Aemelie is my guide in life. Whenever I am unsettled, unsure or upset, she comforts me. She seeks me out singularly, without fanfare and holds herself near me, a physical barrier between me and the world.
As my life unfolds and I experience the frustrations that everyone faces, I am extremely grateful for her friendship and her reverence and respect for our relationship. Aemelie is ethereal. She is present exactly when she needs to be and her presence in my life is unmistakably grand.
Today, a video was shared on my facebook page that literally asks a question I’ve asked myself many times. It’s an important question and one Aemelie has helped me with. As a sounding board for my emotions she has inspired, comforted me and yes, scolded me too. She is the guardian of my humility. As I lay with her I had even asked myself this question. The question is:
“If your life were a book, and you were its author, how would your story go?”

I watched the video and sat amazed. I envisioned all of my gifts and the blessings I’ve had. The places I have been and the goodness I have known. And the hardships I have experienced that cannot compare to others’ suffering. I felt grateful and renewed. And know that in my life…
My life definitely will include more sunny soft mornings in the sunshine laying in the pasture with my horse!

March 12th, 2012 WTF?

I laughed so hard today because I am getting response from my last posting…like I knew I would, to the effect of WTF?
I knew that my post would be “out there”. I was designed to be.
You see, in posting to my blog I ‘ve realized humbly that people read it to get insight to themselves and their horses. My life will be complete when I have delivered my message in such a way as to usher in the paradigm shift I desire for humans and horses. To accomplish this, I have to dig at the very roots of how people have been raised, their current environment and the projections of their goals, aspirations and dreams.  The experience we have in front of us with hores is nothing less than etherial.  Perhaps because it is my passion and my emotions are involved I am overly tuned to this need but whatever it is, I cannot ignore it. Everything else that comes in between is just a chore, a drain and a distraction, yet often necessary as a given result of my choices, my obligations and the very core of survival. However, said, its simple; Connecting with hores begins with connecting with yourself and ultimately, a power higher than ours.
This past year I read my horoscope with relish because this is my year to explore higher enlightenments, new ideas, theories and to challenge old belief systems. If ever there was a prophecy, this is one.
I have always felt connected to my Universe in ways that most people can’t comprehend. It’s like having energy bolts run through you and information coming to you that nobody but yourself can understand. Great composers of music have often described “hearing” the music even before they put it on paper. It’s the same with me and horses.  I have realizations and observations not yet even realized in our literature. Imgagine then, how frustrating it is for me not to be able to fully details these things for myself.  I have written dozens of books in my head, composed hundreds of videos and launched hundreds of demonstrations virtually but have not physical proof or very little of any of these.  Why? Because I must learn new programs, software, rely on others who are experts (pay them) and feed myself, my animals, take care of a host of 1 million things that need attending to every day.  Is this an evil plot? Or simply the manufacture of life that makes us who we ultimately are?
Sometimes the realization of all of t his that has left me feeling alone and at other times, sacred, unique and wholly accepted for what I am. The master of my end and brick layer of my destiny. Demonstrating these revelations has been my only outlet of contentment as I work within the stars opening and forging “old” ways of being able to communicate.
I say “old” because I am inventing nothing new. I am simply directing what we are as humans. Our purest essence. With or without horses, although I am glad that in my calling, it is “with”.
My growing up was unusual. My parents belonged to a church commune and we, as a group raised cattle, wheat, gardens, goats, chickens, etc. I grew up in a lovely valley that at one time was owned by my great-grandfather and seemed miles away from everyone and everything. That gave me a great deal of latitude to connect to my environment. In so doing, channels of spritual knowledge evolved.  It was a time of nurturing and growth of a mind that would learn to channel life lessons.  Lessons given in the rays of the sun, through the water, grass, trees and environment.  A pure transaction of all that we are connected to as Man. It would only be later that I would be corrupted by an outside world.  A world that would be invited into my life on the premise of “love”. You see, our communce accepted outsiders and then, with them came the evils of the world where I would experience judgement, redicule and other atrocities that would take years for me to work through. The Earth gave me itself and then when that wasn’t enough, its horses to teach me, guide me and ultimately to help others in this journey too.

At forty one years, I’ve seen the workings of the world.  I prefer my workings to be connected in nature.
In the book series, Anastasia,, this was the VERY FIRST TIME I had a good explanation of why I am who I am and feel like I do. I realized that unlike the worldly explanation that my gifts with horses are just “freakish” or my insight to better awareness and self improvement “high browed”, I realized and embraced that THIS IS WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE BECAUSE THIS IS WHO I WAS CREATED TO BE!
I am so connected to the equine world that I can literally “see”, “smell”, “taste”, and “feel” them and their emotions. Most people cannot say this but when you speak to children, they say it all of the time.  They haven’t lost their belief system. I hung on to it somehow.  I had to.
I’ve been labeled “a witch”. I’ve been told my dreams to share this gift with others is impossible, and I’ve doubted myself when others have doubted me. But I am so connected to whatever it is that is speaking to me in the mist that I can never abadon or ignore it.
I realize fully that my fear of never accomplishing my goals is unfounded. Its already been completed, it just hasn’t happened yet. In fact, this very fear is what is keeping me from achieving more.
The post I wrote titled, ENLIGHTENMENT, is about tapping into the very powers of the Universe around us to inspire us, enlighten us and cause us to be aware of the immense powers that we have helping us. To question the hard belief system we get preached to us every day. To think outside of the box, with our energy, not our logic. That as a chosen species we are in command of the essence of ourselves and others.
You see, I have always believed that horses are here not to be taught by us but to be teachers of us. I have watched them in so many ways exercise patience and even discipline upon man. I have also become aware of their longing to teach more of us faster. This picked up my enthusiasm seeing this trend. What is coming that we need to be more aware of? Man is being given a choice.
I’ve been working with horses for over 25 years now and I can honestly say that I’ve not repeated or exercised repetitition, EVER. Following the horses, they are leading us on an adventure that is pure, simple and breathtaking.
The key to tuning into that is to tune into the essence, even the smallest, slightest part, of your environment. That’s our homework before we even begin our journies with these magnificent creatures.
Mankind has lost its awareness of the buzzing of the energy that surrounds us every day and makes all things possible. Horses have not. I seen this manifested every day during communications with humans and horses.
So often we look to our horses as our outlet, our emotional stabilizer to be able to cope with work, friends, family or a number of other offenses. The lesson here is to also learn to lean on other things in our environments too and to accept that its ALL connected.
My questioning of the trees was my experiment with this and I found the experience unbelievably moving, my spirit was stirred. I encourage you to do the same. Find a place to lay in the sun, observe the trees, grass or whatever else catches your fancy and listen to the humming of our Universe and all that it has to offer and see if that doesn’t produce a mind blowing shift in your relationship with yourself and your horse. In the very least, its a good exercise in meditation and an opening of the intuitive nature that we all possess.

March 9th, 2012 ENLIGHTENMENT

As a kid I spent time running naked through the woods, barefoot.
Where I grew up it was still legal to do that. It might still be! I can remember the warmth of the sun on my wind kissed skin and the giggles from my little brother as he ran with his head flung back, yelling, “Stinker Lich Poochie Poch!” A term of endearment we still yell at one another during pillow fights. I know, some people never grow up. At least we wear clothes now.
My brothers and I would eat dirt, bark, moss and make salad out of honeysuckle, indian paint brush, wild onions, grass and dandelions. I thought everyone did that.
What this did for me was open me to the bounties the Earth has to offer. It isn’t in the form we think of “bounty” as now. Today “bounty” is vegetables from the garden, grains grown in fields, or what the land can yield, pasture or support.
The Earth gives much more than that.
Yesterday morning I awoke to the warmth of the sunshine and it was as if the colors had brightened and become more crisp overnight.
I took a much needed walk and began to clear my head, thinking about the carefree days of my youth and what those experiences had really taught me.
The Earth is alive.
Not long ago two people who I am have to dearly cherish introduced me to a new book series. The Ringing Cedar series. The first book, which is the only one I’ve read blew my mind and took me back to these precious days and further, opened up a long ago closed door.
As adults we forget to breath the sweetness of the Earth, feel her wind upon our naked skin and listen as the trees beat messages into the wind.
Walking in the woods it came to me that perhaps the wind wasn’t so seperate from the trees. What if the trees actually created their own wind? If trees collectively and knowingly waved their branches, wouldn’t that in turn create movement of air?
It’s a heady thought.
As I pondered this I decided I would do a little experiment. It was based upon an experience I’d had years before.
I was laying on my back in the woods, staring into the heavens and telling a story about how I’d read one woman’s account that all things organic worship the Earth. She told of how with her minds eye she could actually “see” the trees and grasses in celebration of life, their needles, leaves and blades clapping in worship while humans, oblivious to their joy, carried on callously in life, unaware of the beauty surrounding them. She further conveyed that Man is actually the caretaker of all of this energy. A virtual “bounty” of joy, peace, love and energy and emotion, the fuel of our lives.
As I lay on my back telling this story I noticed that the wind had picked up, the branches of the trees seemed to clapping. Was I imagining things or were the trees clapping? I sent silent thoughts seeking confirmation, listening…and the trees silenced with me.
“Does the Earth worship us?” I voiced out loud.

The trees waved their branches, acknowledging, caressing and clearly, punctuating their answer to my question.  A warmth of emotion welled up inside me.  I couldn’t explain it.

“Did you feel that?” I said, incredulous.
There was an obvious connection to my awareness and my words and the “wind in the trees” seemed to be answering in kind.  It was a conversation.
“Do you think trees are really alive?” I squeaked. The thought was thrilling to me.
The wind picked up and the trees waved their branches…or were the trees waving themselves, creating the wind?
I listened, watched and tuned my intuition.
It definitely “felt” like the trees were giving me a message. I saw it. Connected with it and so did Kirk. We had just met and laying on our backs in the forest we were sharing our most joyful ideas of farming, tending the Earth and dreams of living in Nature.  And in so doing, recognizing our passions.  The purest form of our own worship of the Earth. Nothing is greater than knowing your purpose.

I tested the trees again.

“Do trees worship man?” I asked the air.

The trees began to move and the wind blew softly.

I can’t explain it but I genuinely felt that I was “plugged in”.  The Earth was answering my direction. Like the apple trees in the Wizard of Oz, they were alive, willing to give and helpful in our desires. 

I shuddered because it was a moment I realized what the Earth really is.  A perfect environment with an interchangeable lifeforce with our own.

Anastasia, the first book in the Ringing Cedars series, awoke this for  me again. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. It underscored for me something I’ve been feeling for awhile. That the Earth is waiting for us to tune and that to do so isn’t all that hard.

As a nation we kind of get it.  Our government has set aside National Parks where people from all over the World can visit. Most of us can in some way claim an affinity with nature.  I haven’t met one person that doesn’t have this.  We farm because we find peace and fulfillment in our husbandry. But it goes deeper than that. The Earth actually “feels” our every thought, our heartbeat and longs for us to find its shelter and gifts, its “bounty”.  Its bounty is life.

Sunday, as I took my usual morning walk, I marveled at the trees.  Each tiny needle.  The moss, its soft and silky, dewey softness. And wondered, ”What if these had personalities?”

Strange thoughts by today’s standards, I know.  But as a kid I had my favorite tree.  One with moss at its base.  It gave me hours of its shelter and solace of its peace in times when as a confused Kid I took to its base and rested while my thoughts calmed and tried to figure out the meanings of life. 

“What if the wind is really the cheers of tree branches?” I thought.

The wind picked up and the trees waved…or was it that the trees had reacted to my question?

I stopped dead in my tracks.

“Do trees create their own wind?” I asked.

The wind had slowed in between pulses of wind.

“Do trees feel our emotions?” I asked.

The branches moved and the wind began. 

I couldn’t beleive it.  I was not imagining this!

Incredulous I touched my hand to the moss and it wasn’t cool like I expected.  It was soft, warm and inviting.  Like it had changed temperature to invite me to sit despite the snow of the day before.  I kept my hand there and I felt pulses of energy.

“What if the trees were really sending messages?” I thought.

The trees picked up their waving and the wind increased, punctuating my thoughts.  That old familiar feeling from when I was a kid entered my soul and pierced my thoughts.  My heart raced.

“Do trees send messages in the wind?” I said out loud.

The trees picked up their tempo, this time excited more than ever.  Then died down again.  The timing was too perfect for this not to be REAL!

Was I on to something? 

The trees waved, the wind picking up.  This time, lingering, longing for me to understand that…THIS REALLY WAS REAL!

I didn’t need to speak.  They HEARD my thoughts.  Felt my heartbeat. Energy surged through me and at the same time my knees went weak.

“I will tell people.” I said.  “I will teach people.” I said and the trees beat their approval.

This may all sound very far fetched but I’ve been feeling this shift coming for some time.  That horses alerted me to this some time ago.  Wistful in their desire for me to provide them voices and for clueless people to wake up and understand their longing to be our etherial guides.

Expressing this, I can tell you that my first thought was to NEVER share this information. 

“People will think I am crazy!” I thought to myself.  This time, the trees were silent.  And I mean, SILENT! I realized that no, the world will not think me crazy. Its ready to hear this. I’ve spent a life time being prepared.  Beginning with my unusual childhood.

Had I not read Anastasia, I may not have understood this exchange with my Universe.  It was truly life changing. I found my spirit moved and I haven’t been the same since. 

Today I walked the pastures of a farm I will tend to one day. I took pictures of its rocks and had my soul stir as I put the pieces of a business plan together in my head on what will be needed to make this dream a reality.  The wind, which had been still, blew, as if out of nowhere.  Cows who had been silent mooed and in the middle of the day, I heard an owl hoot.

Owls have always come to me when I have been in need of wisdom, guidance and affirmation of decisions.

Later, when I was thinking again on the day this newest round of enlightenments…you guessed it….TWO owls hooted!  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  It’s time.  The Earth is calling us to our higher selves.

 As clear as the shift that comes when I am working with traumatized horses I felt that this was right.  I was on the right track.  And I knew why. The timing of my introduction to the book had been perfect. The book outlines “WHY”  this information has been opened to me. Impacted me. Thrilled and energized me. The book is a must read.