January 4th, 2012 New Media Try-Out

WHOA! I am scaring myself! This evening I figured out how to record myself talking. This takes me back a few years to when my brother and I in our early, misguided years would haul our 5 lb tape recorder out to our tent and record ourselves trying to out burp each other. I always lost. Six years older than me my brother had size and sex on me.  We all know boys burp better than girls.  Still, the idea that someday I might sabbotage him with those cassettes never left me. If he ever runs for President I am pretty sure his constituents will pay dearly for the media I have stashed in my box of memories.
Tonight I am returning to that media and recorded a practice segment. Naturally, talking about horses is a passion for me but may not necessarily be a format my followers wish to hear.  They may not be half as excited as I am hearing my own voice.  However, I am thinking that this may at least be a forum where I can talk to myself and not have any arguments, or be beaten by age or sex. I intend to make regular installments if I don’t hear too many shouts for mercy and when I figure out the video thing, may torture all my followers with that too. The evil day has arrived where Karina has multiple outlets for her rants! All hail the Queen!


January 4th, 2012 Turned ON

“What’s it like to be turned on?” asked my client.

I sucked in my breath because I didn’t exactly know what he meant.  My mind raced as I played with his question in my head.

He was pretty good looking.  Perhaps he was making an offer?

He was also successful.  And single.

He stood there innocently looking at me and I stared deep into his eyes searching for a clue about the insinuation of his question.  I might be psychic but it’s still hard to read minds.

Come ons aren’t a foreign thing for me, thank you Jesus.  As a good looking female that works daily in a “man’s world” I get more than my fair share of propositions, offers, come-ons, you name it.  A woman that’s capable of training the pants off of any horse, making her own way and income, PLUS trimming OR shoeing, I can be an irresistable blank board to bounce questions off of.  Innocent and naughty.  Some want to do more than bounce if you know what I mean.  LOL  I’ve been offered trucks, trailers, money and more for my affections.  O the pain!Somehow, though, I am destined to share my affections only with the horses. That is my love, my passion.  My ex-husband once told me, ”If I were a horse perhaps you would love me more.”

 Poor man.  Guilty as charged.

I pondered this and how I would answer my clients question.  The answer is everything.  If his question were a proposition, my answer needed to be direct. 

A direct answer encouraging sexual play could encourage exploration of the same.  He was cute and single but I wasn’t interested.

Answer with the sharp tongue of a seasoned female and the conversation could be directed back on the focus of my visit.  The horse. 

I preferred that later. 

I continued to keep my eyes on my client and processed our exchange.  Was it getting sexual?  Or an innocent question of an incredulous owner?  Iget that alot too.  Comes with the gift.

Getting past sexual issues isn’t foreign, just uncomfortable if I need to work a horse more than once which I often do.  If there’s sexual tension, it gets complicated.  I once had a client grab me and kiss me in his kitchen.  His wife was my employer.  AWKWARD!

Plus, a Taurus, I am hopelessly loyal and my romantic judgement is easily clouded as evidences by former mentioned EX-husband.  But my client wasn’t coming on to me.  Damn it!

I didn’t say I minded you know!  I also realize that this phase will pass me by someday and like my 95 + year old Grandpa once said when we were working on his battery dead truck together.  I made the comment that replacing the battery, we could fire it right up.

“You know what happens when I get all fired up?” my Grandpa asked.

“No.  What?” I answered.

“ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” he said with disgust.

I laughed. 

Looking at my client I could see he really wanted to know what its like being psychic with horses.

I’ve been asked to describe this more than once and I explain it this way:

It’s like being a light switch.  In the OFF position everything is dark.  Turn ON the light and everything gets bathed in light.  Things are easier to find and define.

That’s what its like when I “tune in”.

I get turned on.  I see images, hear words, whole phrases, and wants, dislikes, feel pain, know past, present and future, give advice, provide warnings, fix puzzles.  You know.  The works. 

Like plugging your USB drive into your computer. 

Once asked to describe myself with the brevity of what would fit on a license plate I replied with a laugh,  - “Doomed”.

This gift of mine hasn’t come without a price.  Just a lot of questions.