August 17th, 2011 Zippity Doooo DAH

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last blogged or that I am that much closer to old age, but such is life. This past month has been a blurr. My family obligations and my business obligations continue to keep me grounded and busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. Still, I find my meditation time even while I am moving. Every morning when I milk the cow and stare expectantly at the other cow willing her to have her calf before i have to leave Colorado for Idaho, I think about the day ahead. I’ve already conquered rolling out of bed after a fitful night of sleep thanks to the incessant barking of our beloved dogs (God knows what keeps them riled all night!) and believing that today, yes again, will be another glorious day!
Driving down to Colorado I was struck by the awesome power of our world and how quickly things can change. Hauling two milk cows and a month old calf along with a barely haltered trained 7 year old arab mare (I picked up to help pay for the trip) I was amazed. Not everyone gets to have that adventure! I love adventures like this. Not as much as I enjoy unraveling unruly horses but driving gives me time to think too. Perhaps that is why I love it so much.
After arriving in Colorado it has been one house call after another as I help Kirk get caught up. The poor man has run himself ragged keeping the business here in Colorado going. He has dropped about 45 lbs and is very very thin. I wish that were me! LOL He works long hours and keeps the business humming.
While here I’ve worked rank mules, rank draft horses, rank arabs, quarter horses and wrangled pigs, chickens, brooding hens, dogs and more. Not much has changed in that department!
Kirk is building a pig business and as I write they are sprawled out in the front yard. We learned this batch of pigs is particularly sensitive to the sunlight so we’ve housed them in the yard with the shade trees. They like it.
I have enjoyed the wholesomeness of the farm again but wonder, how in the hell can it be healthy to go all day on a hot dog and onion rings? That was the breakfast, lunch and dinner we wolfed down at 4 pm. Riding the horses came first which we did with no breakfast (I don’t call a handfull of nuts and raisins a breakfast), rode through lunch and then in a mad rush to get 50 miles up the road in the opposite direction we rushed to pick up the load of pigs we had purchased earlier in the week. Sometimes I think there is just not enough sun in the day to do everything one must do. If exhaustion is part of success then man, we are very successful!