June 19th, 2011 Excerpt from my new book, Mustang-A-Rang

The bay with the wind whipped mane and snarled broom of a tail eyed me with a ferocity that made my stomach churn. In his eye was the wisdom of the ages. A timelessness that enveloped me. It didn’t matter that the horse was a rogue. I wanted nothing more than to entwine my spirit with his and find harmony there. But the wild horse before me had other ideas. Such was his wisdom that he could not tolerate a human touching him. Such was his wisdom that his every instinct prompted him to want to fight. I breathed into his wind and whispered I wanted to be his friend.
The mystique of the mustang is breathtaking. Spiritually they are infinite. Individually they are magnificent.
A mustang is like your first kiss. You never forget it. My first mustang was the bay colt. He was a burly bay colt with hooves of iron and a will of steel. A colt well past two years of age and into his first month of captivity, the colt had kicked his owner and put him in the hospital.
That’s a typical scenario. Mustangs aren’t soft, gentile creatures for the most part. They are born free and learn quickly to protect themselves. They are born into an environment where a variety of things can either hurt them or eat them. They are born into a herd that quickly imparts to them their infinite knowledge of self preservation. Wild horses are to be respected. They survive because they are hearty. Most are wicked smart and lightening fast with their teeth and hooves. They have to be in order to survive.
The wild hardened Bay was no different.
Gathered from the White Mountain herd near Rock Springs, Wyoming he bore the characteristic breadth of bone that defined his herd. His hind quarters were ample even for his young age and I noted his canon bones were sturdy and defined. Wild horses are a product of hybrid vigor. They suffer the stress of their environment and it is this that gives them their power and strength. Horses gathered in the wild are often the heartiest since it is the strong that survives and the weak that die. Nature is efficient.
“He’s going to be a challenge. I can’t get anywhere near his head. We tried roping him but he figured that out and now I can’t even get a good loop over him. Good luck.” His owner said. He reached over to pull up a chair to watch the show. He was still sore from his accident with the colt so when he sat down he did so with a grunt and a lot of effort. The mustang had done quite a number.
“Broke six of my ribs, collar bone and busted my jaw.” He said when I had asked him about the accident. “He was hell bent on eliminating me that’s for sure.”
I climbed into the pen. The bay stood looking at me, then bolted for the corner. He stuffed his head into it knowing that doing so would put his butt toward me and his head away from capture. He was adept at avoiding eye contact but still knew exactly where I was.
Gentling mustangs isn’t for the faint of heart….in most cases. Lots of people have been successful gentling mustangs but my life has been about gentling the ones that people have already screwed up. These horses are the ones that nobody wants to touch. They’re too dangerous and trainers don’t like to waste time on them even if they do have the ability to train them. Nobody can afford to retrain a mustang. Nobody wants to because there are thousands of them in holding pens. Anyone that has an adequate shelter and corral can adopt one for about $125.00. It just isn’t economical to spend hundreds of dollars training a horse that’s already difficult.
But I crave them like some kind of drug. I’m addicted to being able to unravel their pre-conceived notions about people and enjoy watching their fears melt away. I understand where they’ve come from.

June 3rd, 2011 TRIBAL TROPHIES

Today was inspiring, enlightening full of breakthroughs! There has been a lot of those lately and I am so excited that I can’t wait to share the next inspiration that runs through my head but first, I have to explain to you a concept that was introduced to me today that blew me away! The Trophy Effect, by Michael Nitti.


In fact, the mind can pretty much be counted on to “react first and ask questions later,” as its foremost objective is to ensure your sur-vival at all costs (an instinct typically referred to by psychologists as “fight or flight” or “reaction”). Therefore, the mind doesn?t care if it causes you or anyone else any upset or if it makes a mistake – as its principal inclination is to protect you from anything that might do you harm.
Hence, from a functional perspective, survival is the primary pur-pose of the mind. And although our minds are able to perform all sorts of other neat tricks, if you look into your own experience, you will observe that survival is the primary purpose of the mind in all animal species….
You see, the mind lives for this sort of thing. It loves to predict what is going to happen based on what has happened before. In fact, this is one of the ways in which the mind carries out its mission to survive us – by looking at how it survived us in the past and then doing that same thing again.
Michaels materials and his free chapters are well worth the look. Here you’ll learn how he has developed an analogy that we literally give ourselves a “trophy” every time we screw up or are perceived as having screwed up because our mind recognizes the screw up and then awards us with the pleasant thought that we will never do that again or attempt to do that again because we’re fearful of making another screw up.
It’s an interesting dynamic that answers a lot of questions for me.
It also awakened some.
What happens if we are geared to having others acknowledge us and accept us? Aren’t all humans geared this way? What if that person placed negative labels on you?
“You’re lazy.”
“You don’t contribute.”
“You aren’t focused and will make mistakes.”
I’ve had that done to me and the results are devastating. I know because I’ve been grappling with this first hand in the challenges Kirk and I are facing trying to run separate businesses, juggle workloads that are unimaginably difficult and exhausting, uphold promises, service clients, take care of animals and loved ones and more. There isn’t any time for doubt, fear or rejection yet our lives leave no time for anything else.
Or do they?
Recently I hit my breaking point. I will no longer listen to the cry of the Tribal Trophy as I’ve coined it. Tribal Trophies are those trophies heaped upon us by others.
They’re effective only if we allow them to impact us and awaken our fears of self-doubt and insecurity.
Let’s face it. It’s a lot of work to try and overcome our own trophies let alone those of others!
This information was transforming for me. True, I still want to be good to others, listen to others opinions and be decent. But my ear has become tuned like a tuning fork tunes to a piano to a different message in the matter of a few seconds.
When I hear doubt, I am now really hearing somebody else’s fear. When I hear negativity I am really listening to the echoes of another’s self-message of doubt.
This is a subject that I will need to chew on for a while before I’ve mastered it but I can say that already I am noticing a difference in my own self.
Want to know my spin on the Tribal Trophy Cry?
The world is my/your oyster!

June 2nd, 2011 Just HAVE to Share THIS!

Ok, so I have met some really awesome people along my travels and so many of them have lent me support and more! This client in particular did so much for me in the way of building my self esteem and courage. She also singlehandedly organized several seperate events and flew me in to NC on seperate occassions to work with she and her friends and others. It was a time I will never forget in the Leatherwood mountains of NC! What a blast I had and it was a wonderful time of growth, opportunity and I should have followed up on the lessons I took away from there and didn’t. I’ve promised her I have gotten off my ass and stopped chasing it! Now I am committed to following through and will do so, right after I’ve shared the good laugh she sent me, which is what she provided to me via email. Thank you GINNY! You are a true friend, I love you, miss you and will always be grateful for your love and support!
Enjoy this link!