July 7th, 2010 Catch Up

When I was young my Mom told me a story that I haven’t forgotten. It seems that in my endless fascination with life I was always dragging behind. I guess I just liked to gawk at this and that. No doubt a symptom of being interested in anything and everything! I am still that way somewhat.
The story goes something like this.
Two Tomatoes, Mrs. Tomatoe and Baby Tomatoe were walking down the street. Mrs. Tomatoe was in a hurry. Baby Tomatoe was not. Mrs. Tomatoe told Baby Tomatoe…”Catch Up Tomatoe!”
After repeating this about a 100 times, Mrs. Tomatoe, frustrated with Baby Tomatoe went back once again to help Baby Tomatoe hurry up.
But just when she stomped her foot in impatience and shouted, “Catch UP Tomatoe!” Baby Tomatoe ran right under her foot and was squashed and that is how Ketchup came to be.
Morale of the story? If you don’t want to get squashed then enjoyed as a condiment, don’t lag behind!
This week and last week and the week before that and on and on….I am ketchup.
I can’t seem to keep everything going these days.
What with building up our business…AGAIN!…and the physical nature of my job (try talking on the phone while you are trimming a hind hoof of a fractious horse) I can never seem to keep these posts current.
But like Baby Tomatoe, my desire to do so is great.
Here’s the rundown:
Crockett is fitting into his new home fairly well. He has made a pest of himself like I knew he would. He pesters the two horses, especially the gelding relentlously, although I am told he is doing so less and less. He has learned how to jump fences and when last I saw him he had the marks on his back legs to prove it.
He and I rode together while his new owner (sort of) observed. I say sort of because her usually tranquil gelding was acting up throughout our whole ride. A problem she attributed to the fact that Crockett was intimidating. Most likely so. But Crockett, after having 2 1/2 weeks off rode out like a champ.
I saddled, threw a leg over and rode. He didn’t have one misstep.
That’s my boy! Er…was my boy…but I’m still proud like any trainer would be.
We trimmed several horses…uh…about 100 horses so far this past month…maybe more. My shoulder says more…the most memorable being a big buckskin mustang gelding that has been previously abused. He took 12 hours our first visit and 5 the next. He made a lot of progress but this Friday we are picking him up for more training. I love a challenge like this horse is presenting!
I took a call from an Extreme Mustang Makeover adopter. She adopted one of the horses from the makeover and the horse kicked her in the head and broke her jaw.
I think it’s just a matter of mixed communication but nonetheless that horse is now being signed over so he won’t end up back in the holding pen. He will recieve further training and we will see what we can do to find him the perfect home.
We trimmed some goats this past week and one of them bit me!
We brought 2 goats home (not the one that bit me).
Built a goose and duck pen.
Drug home enough posts and fencing materials to build a dog run and put several horses that are in training through their paces.
Fourth of July we spent broke down on the side of a mountain thanks to the monkey at Grease Monkey who didn’t put our oil plug back into the oil pan!
We saw Jesse James ride by on his motor bike, I think, followed closely by Kevin Costner (wink). Of course, that might have been heat stroke and stress doing funny things to our minds.
Thanks to good friends and triple A we were able to get the horses off loaded and back home and after getting towed to the top of the mountain by Triple A we were able to get the truck a new oil plug, oil and get it home. NO word yet on whether or not the motor in the truck was damaged. We’re thinking positive but will have the compression checked anyway just to make sure.
The puppies have continued to grow and are learning not to chase the chickens.
Kelly, our new border collie is learning her out runs and is turning out to be a fantastic stock dog.
Annie, our heeler momma is still fat.
Bowen, our heeler pappa is still happy.
Chloe, our fox terrier is keeping an eye on the resident coyote that has been hanging around the chicken coup and Jack and Black the oxen are fat, sassy and smell like Skin So Soft after Kirk sprayed them with the stuff. We heard it makes an excellent fly repellant so we are giving that a try.
Aemelie is as amazing as ever.
ShoGun has grown about another hand in height. He’s now a HUGE monster.
Lucy is recovering from a tumble she took over the fence.
Dunnigan is nursing a wounded rear leg. We don’t know how he managed to get cut but I’ve been doctor Lewis to him this week.
Mickey is slick and raring to go, as usual.
The new baby goslings have been adopted by the adult geese and the ducks are trying to figure out how they can spend more time in the pool that Kirk built them.