May 31st, 2010 PERFECT DAY

Today was the perfect day. We started with hosting a breakfast for our friends and neighbors then loaded up for a group trail ride at Dawson Butte. As usual Crockett was an absolute joy to ride. He likes to be in front most of the time but today he met a buddy and formed a fast friendship with a welsh pony named Joey. They were darling together. Crockett is no wilting violet. He tried to kick Koa the big 17 hh 1400lb Cleveland Bay when he inadvertantly started following too closely behind him on the trail and just for kicks he put his head down to graze next to 9 year old green broke Joshua, a beautiful cremello appaloosa. As Crockett snatched at Joshua’s grass, just a playground nudge, you might say, he and Joshua’s forheads met and both of them raised their heads looking each other straight in the eye. It was as if they were toe to toe in the lunch line and sizing each other up. Then, just before the fight breaks out, they both cut loose laughing at one another for not being as macho as the other.
This little horse has so much personality I don’t know how I am ever going to part with him. I went into this competition knowing that I can’t keep him. I tried to resolve myself that I would stay strong and be happy with the fact that I got him out of the holding pen. But he is so happy and secure in his home here I struggle with the thought that at the event he is going to be adopted. I won’t get to take him home. He’ll go home in someone else’s trailer and I can’t stand the thought of him being insecure so I am moving mountains of positive thoughts that he will find just the right home. The kind of home that will love and cherish him as I have.

May 30th, 2010 Chicken Whisperer

Dogs and chickens are not meant to co-exist it seems. This is the second time our chickens have been attacked by a dog. This time it when grabbed one of our hens we were able to pull the chicken away from the dog before it was too mortally wounded….I think.
Dr. Dave Barton our infamous equine and human chiropractor and neighbor was on hand….luckily. He was over adjusting a boarders horse for her when the commotion began.
The chicken came away bruised and battered with a hole torn in its side and a leg that seemed to be dislocated. But true to form Dave jumped into action and began working on the chicken. He probed and massaged and said, “There’s nothing broken. It’s just out of joint.” And with that he popped the little chickens leg and promptly set it down. Miraculously the chicken walked away, still limping but mobile at least. She still has the wound to contend with but we applied Vetricyn to it and expect that she should make a full recovery.
This past month the power of energy and spiritual intuition has never played a more important role in the work that I am so priviledged to be a part of.
Today Kirk had his own interaction with it when another of our boarder’s held a tuning fork session for he and his horses.
Appropriately I was not here.
You see, at the last minute before we were to load up to go riding Kirk noticed that his mare had diarhea and that his gelding still has some pesky hives dotting his hide. Our boarder had just finished her lesson with me and as we had made plans to ride with others we chose that I should go ahead and keep our appointment while Kirk remained behind with our boarder who really has a unique gift with horses herself.
I don’t doubt the power of horses to heal and from what Kirk said and what I saw tonight in his behavior was prophetic. It’s personal, but let’s just say that I’ve seen this coming for a long time. I don’t know where its going but I do know that like it or not I am along for the ride.
I trust the Universe and all it has to offer. Sometimes I don’t like what it brings but in the long run I know that just like Dr. Dave working on that chicken, sometimes we walk with a small limp and sometimes a big limp. But in the end, it’s all in what we accept and convey and the help that we provide and convey along the way.

May 11th, 2010 Weaselskin and Rasslemaster

Kirk and I can never keep an animals name pure it seems. Our dog Annie has been affectionately called Nannerpus, Nannie Ba Nannie, and Neenie Be Neenie. She grins no matter what we call her. Bowen we christened Bubba Lubba because he’s such a lover. Chloe is lovingly called Munkin Punkin and the new puppies, Cruizer and Roxie have now been secondly christened Weaselskin and Rasslemaster.
This week Crockett, adoringly called Crockett the Rocket has now been dubbed Crockie Rockie.
This past several weeks Crockett was the center of attention along with the Oxen, Black and Jack, carinly referred to as Jack the Buckin Bull and Blackie Boy, at Dr. Dave and Katie Barton’s fundraiser, Canter for Chloe.
Crockett did what he does best. Charmed everyone.
This week we’ve ridden every day both in and out of the arena. Yesterday Crockett played support for a client and his horse.
He is always out in front. There is a lot of horse in this package.
I haven’t officially measured Crockett yet, but it doesn’t matter. He is all heart and that is what counts.
He has quit is bucking spree. The past week he’s only thrown a buck or two out of the blue.
I should reiterate that he never bucks very hard and every cell in your body can tell that even when he does it isn’t malicious. He is simply joyful.
Kirk rode Crockett for the first time this week and he’s really impressed.
Crockett has a nice back up. He has a wicked stop. He is beginning to spin. He is doing roll backs although he’s still a bit clumsy sometimes.
He mastered the side pass but needs to be more consistent with them.
His walk, trot and canter transitions are flawless and he is perfect with his leads, flying or not.
He sometimes still anticipates what I want so we never do the same thing over and over.
Crockett has a very active mind and he views our time together as his play time.
He’s discovered the joys of grazing so our time together and his hard work is always rewarded by something that he enjoys. Grazing, visiting neighbors, going for an adventure, etc.
There is no spook in this boy and he’s courageous to a flaw.
He never leaves my side. Wherever I go, he bumps me affectionately with his head, happy and content that we are friends.
Yep. He’s that good. I think he deserves a third name. Pocket Crockett.