April 26th, 2010 Mother Bucker

Crockett and I have been spending quite a bit of time together. Today we rode in the indoor in the morning due to the fact that the wind was blowing and then rode out on the trail in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter what I choose to do with Crockett. Like a good hand of poker, he’s all in.
And just like Poker he’s got a few bluffs in him.
Walking he sometimes veers right, then left. There’s no rhyme or reason. He walks to the beat of his own drummer and keeps me on my toes. He’s never malicious. He’s not even mischievous. He’s just being himself.
Trotting, he sometimes trots the entire circumferance of the arena. Sometimes he doesn’t.
Lately we’ve been working on the canter depart. From a trot he’s flawless on his leads. From the walk, he’s flawless on his leads but sometimes he departs and sometimes he trots, then departs.
And sometimes he just departs.
Cantering he bucks his happy little buck. It’s a defiant Crockett who allows me to canter him. He shakes his head and bounces forward. I just sit a little deeper and he works out of it. It’s in his nature. He’s not being naughty most of the time. He’s just being himself.
He took a canter depart today and then, just for the hell of it, threw in a happy big buck as if to say, “There, you want a canter depart, I’ll give you a canter depart and then some!”
When I started obstacles he took all of the obstacles without hesitation and then, just to show me he can do more, he took an obstacle all on his own squeezing between the coup jump and another jump. The whole arena was open. He didn’t need to go between the two jumps. He just did.
Yesterday the tractor was parked in the corner and on a revolution around the arena he darted from underneath me and into the corner between the tractor and the wall with perfect execution.
He never makes a mistake. He never gets anxious. He never seems uncomfortable. He’s just messing with me like I am messing with him.
I’ve gone through all of his tack. I can’t find anything that is pinching or poking him that would account for some of his erratic behavior. He has none of the telltale signs that any of these things may be the reason anyway. He’s just being independent.
Crockett’s happy attitude is noticed by all as is his special way.
So he might be a mother of a bucker but he’s my mother bucker.

April 24th, 2010 Crockett Update

Wow! This little horse has me spinning. He learns so fast that he keeps me busy! Generally its the other way around.
With the recent rotten weather we’ve spent a lot more time in the indoor arena than I like but Crockett hasn’t complained once.
He always greets me with his excited whinny and pops his head through the top of the stall to have his head customarily scratched. His jaws aren’t as itchy as they once were since the dentist scrubbed his teeth, but he still enjoys a good rubbing.
There are days I just don’t know how I am ever going to part with him. His happy demeanor is infectious and I know that more than anything I will miss this the most.
But for now, I still have days left with him and they are not being wasted.
Crockette has learned to back nicely. He will sidepass. Two tracks and has a super whoa. He’s collecting nicely, and working in the bosal. Crockett is also developing some pretty nice circles at the lope and today we started canter departures from the walk. Everything comes easy to this boy. He even entertains himself. He has this interesting habit of breaking apart from our work together without leaving me behind. We’ll be loping the arena and he’ll dart left and take a jump just for the hell of it. He’s always so proud of himself. It’s like he’s saying, “You want obstacles, I’ll give you obstacles.” He just tickles me.
At the arena there is a coup jump set up in th emiddle of the arena. It’s almost as tall as he is. Crockett will run over to it, stop and drop his head over the coup and look at me as if to say, “Someday I’m gonna fly so high I will sail right over this coup.” It’s darling. If I could afford a mini-cam I think I’d just attach it to my button hole so that everyone could enjoy this horse as much as I am. He is very special.

April 22nd, 2010 I GROUCH

The power of animal reasoning is a hot debate. One camp insists animals can’t reason and the other insists they can. I camp in the ‘They Can’ camp.
Trimming a clients horses recently we opened up on the debate and readily agreed with one aonther that animals can indeed reason and she provided proof.
Her African Grey parrot has a vocabulary of around 300 words. Every so often when she goes to get him our of his cage he will say to her, “I grouch. I bite”.
Now this is interesting because she shared with us that she didn’t teach him to say this. She said to him when he tried to bite her once, “Don’t be a grouch.”
He interpreted the information, personalized it and then proceeds to now give her warning if he’s not in a good mood that day.
Pretty incredible if you ask me and this is one story I will be telling around the ‘They Can’ camp fire for sure!

April 14th, 2010 Definition

By definition I am a round peg trying to be put into a square hole. I’ve never fit the “norm”
Most people will tell you that they don’t fit the norm. I think that is everyone’s way of setting themselves apart.
Today while I was mucking stalls and cleaning water, it hit me.
I don’t work in the business of healing pain, I work in the business of bringing joy.
Listening to one of our clients describe to me someone that I know, I was amazed at the difference in our definitions of this person.
I saw potential.
They saw limitations.
In the world of the equine, holistic practices are becoming vogue. Therapy programs are booming and the way of the horses is becoming a way of life.
Having had horses impact my physical and psychological well being in some very profound ways, I can’t help but notice that most everyone seems to think they have a line on what is best for human and horse.
As I’ve grown in my practice and continue to grow, I’ve begun to open my mouth less and open my ears more.
It’s a strategy that is serving me well.
I get to know people more readiliy and find it easier to read between the lines.
Everyone’s perceptions are different but in this world of the equine one thing is certain. We will all go to our graves desiring to learn just one thing more.
Before I die, I want to learn how to increase others joy and to teach others the art of encouraging another’s joy.
Of late I have been fortunate to be surrounded by the most positive people. That hasn’t always been the case.
In this positive environment it has been increasingly revealing just how much people limit others with their thinking and with their actions.
Many times it isn’t deliberate. Limiting another comes in many forms and not always intentionally evil. Many times, the intentions are good or for good reasons.
In this moment of reasoning I know that what I am going to practice is what I’ve always practiced. The power of positive thinking. The enjoyment of personal gifts and the reward of sharing them with others. So that the empowerment of joy may be a focus and not the fixing of problems….

Worshipping the Bee Gods

One might say that this photo is a good example of this philosophy since Bee suits are sting resistant…not sting proof!

April 13th, 2010 Vote for Karina and Crockett

Hello Everyone:

  The Mustang Heritage Foundation has stepped up their efforts to let all of you support your favorite Extreme Mustang Makeover Team!  The Extreme Mustang Makeover to be held June 11 – 13th in Fort Collins, CO pairs wild mustangs with approved trainers.  Trainers have 90 days to train their mustang and present the horse for competition.  After the competition, these horses are made available for adoption to the public.  If it were not for these efforts, these mustangs would be left in permanent holding pens.  Karina is doing her part to see that these horses have a fighting chance!  Now it’s your turn to support her and her horse, Crockett in the Extreme Mustang Makeover!


  For quick access here is the link:


  Want to know more?  Here is the information!


Go to and check out the Extreme Mustang Makeover voting bracket. New this year is our voting bracket that gives the fans a chance to pick their “favorite” trainer. The voting will take place today, through Wedesday, June 9th. The voting will consist of five rounds, then the final round will take place Sunday afternoon during the Fan Favorite “Throwdown”. The fifth round will continue through Wednesday, June 9th.

At 5 pm the voting will stop and the top two will be determined. The top two horses/trainers will compete in a “Throwdown” on Sunday during the tabulating. The throwdown will last approximately 5 minutes.  Following the last freestyle performance the fan favorite finalists will be called into the arena where they will challenge each other to three horse maneuvers and one personality/talent maneuver. See specifics below:
1.    A coin toss will determine which trainer goes first.
2.    The first trainer decides what horse maneuver they want to attempt and then challenges the second trainer to do the same.
3.    The second trainer then does a horse maneuver and challenges the first trainer to do the same.
4.    The process is repeated with three total maneuvers.
5.    The final “Throwdown” is a people skill – trainers can sing, dance, tell jokes, juggle, whatever human maneuver they choose. Music will be provided if requested.
6.    The audience then votes with an applause meter determining the winner.
So, get all your friends and supporters to go online and vote for Karina and Crockett! The link will be pasted on the Colorado event banner on the home page.   

April 3rd, 2010 Crockett Chronicles

For a horse that I’ve only had 28 days I sure am happy. This little horse has a heart that is bigger than he is. This past week I took Crockett out to Chatfield State Park where Cady McClure and Debbie Carpenter rode support for us and Crockett showed us all once again what an independent, wonderful, good natured horse he is. He took the lead throughout most of the ride and enjoyed all of the new sights and sounds. Here are some photos of our fun day compliments of Cady McClure!