December 24th, 2009 A Season of Giving

It seems this year that the theme has been, A Season of Giving.  Each time I do a life review of the past 12 months I cannot begin to count the number of ways people in our lives have reached out to give.

Selfless acts of kindness.  They should be given and received.

Yesterday Kirk and I visited our old friends Pat Miller and Roger Kavan at their horse rescue, Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue ( 

Pat and Roger embrace everyone who visits and they show a level of love and concern  for their animals that I’ve never witnessed at a rescue before.  The animals at RRHR are lulled by the calm and patient people that Pat and Roger are.  It is an environment that envelopes you the minute you enter the gate.

While we were there yesterday Kirk and I put our backs to good use and trimmed as many horses as we could while we were there.  Every one of them has a story.  Some have been abandoned, some shown and some have congenital defects but every one is a precious life to Pat and Roger.  Attentive and hard working these people give every day of themselves in ways that would put most of us to shame.

Having operated a farm we know the long hard hours of dedication that running a rescue must require.  Especially one that doesn’t cut the corners.  Pat and Roger spend countless hours each day making sure each horse is individually cared for.

If you don’t have a cause please support RRHR. 

They are doing the job of a 100 people and in this economy need all of the love, help and support from us that we can give.

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue
               (719) 5…       
               (303) 9…         Cell
36785 Ramah Road East
Ramah, Colorado 80832
December 17th, 2009 Technology Rocks!

For a hard headed Taurus (bull…not the car!) personality like me, it’s no surprise that it’s taken me nearly 40 years to master technology.  By rights I am atrologically designed to stay set in my ways and resist change.  However, I’ve never rightfully fit my astrological profile.

Taurus individuals are earthy.  That fits.  But they are also known to be set in their ways.  That doesn’t fit.

The past 15 years of my life reads like a soap opera.  It’s crossed my mind that this is the Universe’s way of tempering me.  Throw enough drama at a person and anyone is bound to adapt!  

This week I’ve decided that if life is going to include drama then I might as well be the director.

Thanks to my patient significant other I was treated to a crash course in the now nearly two year old technology we invested in to bring my many fans (note my optimism!) access to my work. 

This week I learned how to manipulate video from the camera to the computer and then….awestruck….I watched as we edited the material into bite sized pieces!

Halleleuja!  I’m not religious but I swear I heard the angels sing!

I also have adopted a presence on facebook and tonight, low and behold, I uploaded a video all by myself!  Then, just because I could, I linked BOTH my facebook and YouTube accounts!

See?  I’m not set in my ways!  I may be slow to learn technology (I have a good excuse) but I can learn new tricks even if 40 is staring me in the face!  Oh yeah, and if you want to know what my good excuse is you’ll have to read my book.

That’s next weeks project.  I’ll be sure to let you know when you can get it.


December 6th, 2009 Cue Card

Today I happened upon a great idea.  But it is an idea that requires National attention and interest and of course, participation.

What if, like on television, we were given cue cards for life?

Joke coming….and just before someone next to you holds up a sign that says, ‘laugh now!’.

Important time to listen to someone…and they hold up a card that says, ‘nod your head in agreement’.

I think its a great idea!

Jeff Foxworthy, the noted comedian has made a fortune out of giving people their own sign for the stupid things that they do.

I am proposing we give them a sign BEFORE they do anything stupid.

Like today. 

Kirk and I were asked to trim yet another horse with farrier anxiety.

In case you don’t know what farrier anxiety is, it’s when the horse panics at the sight of an object that triggers a bad memory.  In this case, the horse’s eyes go wide and the nostrils flare at the sight of our farrier chaps and hoofjack. 

Sometimes this farrier anxiety is minor.  Today it was not.

The poor young horse with the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) went google eyed and vowed not to let either one of us touch his back hooves without a fight.

We were told by his owner that the horse has reacted this way ever since (at 5 months of age) his impatient farrier whacked him with a rasp.

Farrier, I’d like to say, ‘here’s your sign.  Don’t whack horses with your rasp!’.

Admittedly, sometimes it is necessary to discpline a horse when it knows better.  But at 5 months of age  doubt very much that this little horse knew how to stand for long periods of time.  Or for that matter, short periods of time!  Now at 5, he’s a problem and tries to kick your head off while defending himself from being smacked with a rasp.  Poor boy.

Thankfully, some careful patient work later (it took all of 15 minutes to unravel this horses phobia) the now 5 year old stallion let us pull his shoes and trim his feet. 

But that whole incident raises my hackles and that is why I am on a tangent with this post.  I have a lot of signs I’d like to hand out.

I toyed with the idea of creating a deck of cards with signs on them, like:

‘Don’t be an obnoxious jerk.’  …On this one I’d like a consequence.  If you see the sign and are a jerk anyway, be prepared to get a swift kick in the butt.


‘Take a deep breath’

‘You aren’t God.’

‘Think about others (this includes animals!) before yourself’

‘Give away good things.  FYI — Grief isn’t a good thing’

There.  I’ve had my rant.  More later on what you can do as an owner to give your horse this sign…

‘Be prepared to be happy’.