October 31st, 2009 Opportunity Knocks

It isn’t even the first of the year and already I am making resolutions.  I’m good for a resolution or two.  Most of them I achieve, some of them just come back to haunt me year after year.  Not this year.  I’ve cleaned house (literally) and figuratively.

Gone are the worthless possessions and dust collecting trinkets (except for the sentimental ones) and in their place….space.

Space to expand.  Space to dream and space to fill with all of the good things that life should hold.

Space to love and be loved.

Space holds a special place in our world.  To some its just empty.  To some, it goes unnoticed, collecting dust until some object is put in its space to occupy some place of meaning for awhile.  In my space are the intangibles.  The messages on my phone from people concerned about our welfare this month.  In my space is more love, support and care from people than I could ever dream.  In my personal space, hugs from friends, family and strangers wishing us well. The heartache of leaving loved ones only to see others you love and who love you on the other side, so there’s love in my space too.  In my space is wealth.  The wealth that comes with the bonds formed through heartbreak and opportunity.  That’s wealth in my opinion, so I guess, in my space, I am also building wealth.

We moved this month and found another BIG lovely farm to occupy.  (YAHOO!) We have an iron clad lease agreement this time and a better working framework of tools and buildings than we had last time.  Our landlords were farmers themselves so in our space we’ve formed threads of understanding and commonality.  It is welcome.  In my space I am leaving little room for ambiguity anymore.  That space is occupied with better planning and bouyied by the positive thought that all things happen for a reason.  So my space is also being taken up by the hope that comes with present opportunities.

This past week we met with the Chamber of Commerce.  They welcomed us with open arms, excited about the opportunities we are bringing to their community.  60,000 people within a 5 mile radius of our farm and not one other working farm!  It’s going to be EXCITING!

Today we were out clearing snow from the long driveway we have (another welcome addition to our space.  No busy cars going past to contend with and we are far enough off the road that we can’t hear them either) and people in cars, one after the other stopped to smile, laugh, take pictures and grin excitedly at the site of those oxen pulling the snow drag.  It was heartwarming.  We met neighbors we haven’t had a chance to meet yet (because we’ve been busy unpacking, painting, cleaning and did I mention, painting and cleaning?)  And waved hello to members of our community that we’ll get to know better in the coming months.

Our space is filling up with new people, new stories to share and new adventures!  And with the memories of everyone we left behind still fresh in our minds, it’s bittersweet.

Remaining the same in our space is the love of our animals.  ShoGun, Lucy, Mickey and Aemelie all have made the transition to their new home and are filling up their spacious bellies with new found grasses and forages.  The grasses here are more lush and deep on the rolling 200 acre pasture they now occupy and they are in heaven.  They let us know how happy they were by plowing through the temperary fence to frolick the whole pasture.  We had, in our customary fashion, sectioned them into a smaller pasture to graze rotationally.  They didn’t like their space restricted I guess.  They filled it with mock stallion fights, mare sqeals and showing off.  A local hunter came to tell us our horses and oxen were out, but after he filled up his morning space with the site of those beautiful horses thundering about the pasture.  He said it made his whole hunt, which was a compliment given that he traveled here all the way from Michigan!

So, that being said, I guess we are also filling up our space with opportunity!  It’s knocking at our door.  I can’t wait to tell you all about when I post next year.

Just kidding.  My space includes more blogging this year.  I know that will make our good friends in NH happy.  hee hee hee (you know who you are!) – as well as those from Idaho, Montana, Maine and Colorado…..yes, I know.  I don’t blog enough.  So I guess my space also includes room to hang my apologetic head.