June 13th, 2009 Dreams

Last night I had another dream where I am sitting on the edge of a cliff.  I’ve had this dream a lot in my life.  Most of the time the dream ends when I fall.  Sometimes I am scared to fall.  Sometimes I am not.  I am never intent on falling.  Last night, I faced the edge, knew I could fall and did not.  In my dream, I returned to the edge more than once.  Each time my stomach knotting in fear from the knowledge that indeed I could fall.

I’ve thought a lot about this dream.  The theme is always the same but the locations and settings of my dream are not. 

I dream in color.  Sometimes my dreams come true and I experience DeJa Vu.

Falling is never the type of thing I want to experience and I never have but even so these dreams where I have fallen always leave me feeling uneasy.

But last night’s dream was different.  I faced the fall and the cliff with fear but also knowing that I would not fall.  I even talked to another person about in my dream.  It was reassuring.  And this morning I awoke feeling empowered.

I think this dream, like most dreams, has meaning.

In my career I’ve faced many obstacles and my aspirations have yet to be fulfilled to my expectations. 

I just re-read my post from last week about Aemelie learning to make decisions on behalf of herself, me and others.

The Mirror Effect jumped right out at me!

I am finally at a point in my career where I am taking risks and making decisions and managing my career, home and life as if….well….my life depended on it!  I am not taking no as an answer of failure but rather taking action to find solutions and not worrying so much about what other people think or how they will be disappointed or affected.  I am taking charge and the changes are measurable.

Most of all, I am just doing what I do and enjoying it, not pushing for my own return.  I am allowing the strength and quality of my experience to mirror the strength and quality of my work and dedication. 

This week I’ve experienced once again the joy of helping others and my reward in seeing them experience more out of life.  Money can not give the pleasure of self satisfaction quite so well as working for one’s position and seeing it benefit others.

It’s a complicated subject and one I won’t be writing on and on about.  I think most people can understand the similarities between what I’ve once again learned.

Life is uncertain.  Sometimes we fall.  But if we keep trying we can conquer uncertainties.

Once again I am left incredulous that Aemelie, my trusted horse and equine guide has once again shown me wisdom.

Like her hard work this past week to take point, I have taken point in my own life and career. 

Like she, I have surrounded myself with people who care and support my efforts.  She relies on the herd and her relationships.  My success lies in those whose lives I touch.

The weight of that can be stressul.  Or like Aemelie, bring about a break through that I realized in my dream.

It is possible to hover dangerously or it is possible to look, understand the consequences and then, make decisions that result in success. 

Isn’t that the essence of survival?

Isn’t life grand!