September 25th, 2008 And still more Thanks!

This week has been one of the most emotional weeks and one of the most gratifying.  Mostly because of the supportive emails I’ve received and the continued encouragement for this work I am doing with the mustangs.

Before I go further, though, I want to send out continued thanks to the wonderful donors who have given their time, money, support and good wishes!


They are:

Doug Cotta

Sherry Bacon

Sharon Smith

I have been overwhelmed by the well wishers and those who have called to tell me they share in my disappointment that ShoGun and I did not get to attend the Extreme Mustang Makeover.  Everyone has expressed their encouragement that I try again and have encouraged me to set aside the funds we did raise to be able to do the mustang makeover later.  I can say that I am excited about this idea!  And overwhelmed at people’s support of my efforts.

ShoGun has enjoyed having the week off, which has been a good thing.  He’s had the opportunity to get really spoiled now that I have turned out another mare with their bunch.  He’s enjoyed his harem and I’ve enjoyed observing the fact that his confidence has built tremendously.

He used to use the other horses to hide behind, now he plows to the front to be sure to be at the gate or fence either first, or right behind the main mare to greet me.  We have our daily visits, sometimes 2 or three, and he makes sure to snuffle, check in and enjoy a treat or two.  It’s really cool to see him mature so much in so little time. 

His left lead has come on its own (wouldn’t you know it).  I did do a brief session with him to illustrate a point to some clients one afternoon and he took his left lead without hesitation.

I can’t wait to see what the next couple of weeks bring!



September 18th, 2008 ShoGun and I; A special Thank You to the following:

ShoGun and I would like to extend a special Thank you to the following people who donated to help get us to The Extreme Mustang Makeover:

Ron Currier
John and Annette Veelenturf
Deborah Carle
Joan Cameron
Harmony A & G (Thank you Deb!)
John Murray
Michele Cole
Dale Baxter
Mo Wilcox
Karen Hopkins
Alison Mangels
Freda Dollen
Meri Robinson
Tracy Marlins
Les Miller
June Fitzgerald
Anonymous Donor(s) from the Harmony Hemp Fest
Anonymous mail donor
If I have forgotten anyone, please, speak up!  In the midst of all of the excitement and the let down and disappointment of not being able to go, I did try to keep track, but beg apologies if somehow I have forgotten anyone.

These names will be posted on the website as well.

We will also be planning a special Thank You day at the farm and ride.  Lunch will be provided.  Our way of saying THANK YOU! to all.



September 13th, 2008 ShoGun vs. Hurricane Ike

How can a horse be affected by a hurricane 2400 miles away?  I’ll give that answer at the end of this post, but first, let me post that the power of the people have spoken!   And my gratitude has grown with the outpouring of support both ShoGun and I have received this week! 

The last post, I documented a fantasy of mine.  The fantasy of being able to compete on ShoGun in the Extreme Mustang Makeover and finish ShoGun’s training.  That fantasy depended quite a bit on securing the financial ability to actually make the trip.

It wasn’t always this way.  In fact, like Paul Harvey, I’d like to share with you, the rest of the story.

I was not going to participate in this Extreme Mustang Makeover.  My duty to our farm and the cost were overriding reasons why.  Plus, we were having serious problems with our truck.  But the morning I was going to call and reject my nomination, Kirk took an early morning call that resulted my being able to go and pick up ShoGun.  Two people wanted mustangs and were not only willing to loan the use of their truck in exchange for my help with their mustangs, but contribute toward the trip to get them and ShoGun.

I believe in fate and jumped at the opportunity and that is how ShoGun came home with me and I had an amazing trip!  I took this as my sign that I was surely going to compete this time.

I put my truck up for sale confident it would sell and concentrated on the training of other horses to raise the money to go.

The Universe has a way of heading us the direction we are supposed to go.  The truck didn’t sell and the horse training funds just weren’t enough to go.

Still, I trained every day as if I would go.  I reserved and paid for a place to stay and reserved and paid for the exhibitor space at the Makeover.  I even bought tickets for the big night. 

But 2 weeks before the show, I had to concede that I would not be able to go.  A friend encouraged me to post my need and I did.

You answered and answered BIG!  And I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Dreaming of competing, working daily with ShoGun and not really knowing if I would be able to go was to say the least, nerve racking!   

But so many people have shown that they believe in ShoGun and I!  The warm thoughts, emails and calls to encourage us have kept me going.  More people than I ever dreamed have touched us this week!

And as of the 10th, we had our funds to go!

Then hurricane Ike made landfall just as I was finishing packing the trailer.

Yesterday all I had to do was take 2 horses home, pick up a beehive and be on my way.  Excitedly, I hurried through my morning, looking forward to the competition, despite the fact that ShoGun was still having some difficulty taking his left lead.  I’d tackle that when we got there.  If necessary, I’d take the point deduction and just trot him through the course instead of grabbing the wrong lead…or just let him take the wrong lead.

I’d picked out my music and had our 4 minute routine all worked out.  It wouldn’t be perfect, but then, my goal was to showcase what ShoGun knew, not what he doesn’t.  Despite the fact I knew our competition would be heavy, I was content.  Secure in knowing that I’d given my best for ShoGun and although he may not be where I wanted him to be (I want that left lead!), that he would perform well.  He’s not afraid of crowds thanks to our trip to NC and all of the other things we’ve done and he’s extremely friendly.  ShoGun is a show stopper both in personality and good looks.  And he works for me, trusting me not to lead him into something he’s not prepared to handle.  That can go a long way in overwhelming situations.  Overall, we had a lot of positives going for us.

But neither of us can tackle a category 3 hurricane and this morning I spoke with The Mustang Heritage Foundation and let them know that despite all of our preparation, that we would not be able to attend.  The straw that has broken our back is the high price of fuel.

While I was delivering horses the price of fuel jumped .40 cents and predicted to go higher.  Some places reported an .80 fuel hike.

Where we had met our budget to go…at yesterday’s fuel prices, now the competition was once again out of our reach.

When I called the stable where ShoGun and I were going to stay prior to the competition I was told it was filling with hurricane horses.  Horses that have been moved from South to North to avoid the storm.

The storm is predicted to rain out over East Texas and start a number of tornados in its wake.

Fate.  The Universe.

Today, my stone reminded me.  I am grateful that I don’t have to experience leaving my home or horses or animals like those in the path of hurricane Ike.