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I have had many articles published and now I have them here on my site to share with you.

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“Harmony with your horse is only one deep breath away.” – Karina L. Lewis

Few things in life can be the definition of it. Unless that thing is being shot and surviving a near death experience. This is all part of Karina’s story and her book, The Mirror Effect is a biographical account of how that moment changed her life forever and catalyzed the amazing work she is so well known for today.

A trainer with over 27 years professional experience Karina has found her niche working with some of the most difficult cases imaginable.
A firm believer in the true power of individuality, Karina's method strongly reflects a devotion to empower people too. Indeed, it is the combination of her profound ability to “read” horses uncommonly well and her well defined intuitive nature that truly sets her work apart. An advocate for achieving personal goals and a gifted communicator, Karina’s work has been featured at horse expos nationwide, on television, in multiple newspapers, magazines and on the radio.
She is a Mother, author, rancher and partner with Kirk Stanley in Barefoot Works, a company providing natural hoof care services for horses. Karina currently splits her time between her ranches in Colorado and Idaho.
“Don’t expect the horse to work for your goal. Expect to work toward the horse’s goals and watch yours come true!” – Karina L. Lewis

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“I have had more than my expectations met this week! This has been the best week of my life!” R.C. – N.H.

“Amazing! You just have to experience this to believe it. One of the most phenomenal experiences of my life!” J.V. – Wyoming

“Karina is extraordinary. She has a very special gift and it needs to be shared with the world.” J.C. – South Carolina

“I’ve been to numerous clinics and have had opportunity to observe Karina in many different settings. What she does is remarkable.” S.R. – Illinois

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