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I have had many articles published and now I have them here on my site to share with you.

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Barefoot Works





Barefoot Methodology, No Hoof No Horse?
The west was reportedly won because man figured out decades before how to effectively minimize wear and tear on the horses hooves by shoeing the animal in iron. Having this type of protection made the horse able to travel longer distances.


Cellular Memory In Horses?
Last November Millie arrived in New York from Colorado.  She is the most traumatized horse in the world, I think.  Her background is sketchy but we’ve learned enough to know that she came from a large ranch in Nebraska and has had 8 foals in her 11 years.


Social Loafing isn’t about Making Bread
My horses are social loafers.  They exhibit all of the classic signs of the hazards of having groups work collectively.  Decreased work ethic, slower than normal response time, lackadaisical impulsions.  Except during feeding time. 


The Locus of Control
Two Thousand pounds of mare and 19 hands of brawn made Belle a formidable foe on the best of terms.  But she and her owner were not on the best of terms.  Belle routinely reared.  She would strike, bite and kick, often in the same motion.  Leading her was impossible.  She led you…if you could keep up with her.  Belle’s locus of control was internal.


A Horse Named Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus existed.  I know, because he lay curled up in a soft bed of straw before me, his soft brown fur glistening in the early morning December sun.


Water: Nature’s “Mind Tonic”
©2008 by Karina Lewis
I couldn’t wait to offer Millie, a pregnant, horribly abused, slaughter-bound mare, the healing power of living near fresh water.


The Hairy Side of Business
Everyday some 78 million pet owners trudge to work wishing they could take their beloved
pet(s) with them. In an age where many employees have difficulty providing health insurance for their families,  


Phoenix was a horse we had in our clinic line-up not too long ago.  Like the T-Rex, he was ferociously fast with his teeth and wickedly agile with his hooves. 


 Horse Helps Exec Overcome Stress
"The horse will simply mirror you," Wyatt emphasizes. "If your communication is confused, if you get frustrated or you're timid, or if you easily lose your focus as leader of the task, the horse instantly reflects what is going on."  

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