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The Mirror Effect book is a comprehensive look at the relationships horses share with us. In this book Karina brings together the mysteries of how horses have been put here to teach us, not the other way around. She unlocks the intuitive world of horses and helps the reader on a transformative journey that leads to joy, health and balance.

The Mirror Effect is not like any book that is on the market. While many books have been written about the benefits of horses and how to train them, this book is much more. It cracks open for readers how to be intuitive with your horse. It also teaches you about energy and how you can harness your horse’s cooperation through timing, touch and thought, NOT force.

The Mirror Effect discourages use of training recipes, sticks, halters and repetition and encourages instead the beauty of guided spontaneous interaction. This is a book about the sensitivity of horses and how not to over stimulate them so that you can experience maximum bonding with your horse. Karina’s The Mirror Effect is a powerful read that will open your eyes and leave you begging for her next book, The Mirror Effect for Horse Lovers – Secrets Revealed Training Companion.

The Mirror Effect. What is it? That’s a question I hear a lot. In a nut shell, The Mirror Effect is a conscientious, customized approach to any horse and human relationship.

The Mirror Effect is an in depth look at what other books have failed to address in the horse and human relationship. It is about instinct, energy and intuition.

It is about the intangible components that make up your relationship with your “self” and the relationship you have with your horse.

So often the approach to training has focused solely on the horse. The Mirror Effect does this too but emphasizes the human element too. The Mirror Effect defines how horses perceive their environments and makes the human aware of what it is that they are doing, thinking or acting that can dramatically change the way your horse relates to you. The Mirror Effect reveals how little or no training can actually change you and your horse’s behaviors for the better. When was the last time you heard that in relation to your horse training questions?

The Mirror Effect is not a recipe or a cookie cutter approach to working with horses. In this book you will learn three things that can dramatically change your approach to horses and your horses approach to you. You will also learn new terms like “hound-dogging”, “triggering” and “nature adventure” and why these things are key to your success with your horse and how these exercises will make a profound difference in your horse’s temperament.

It is a guide to the intuitive. A transcendental look at the horse and human relationship that gives you permission to just be you with your horse and vice versa. The Mirror Effect explains why it is important to recognize your horses needs and how to meet these for the ultimate in bonding and partnership. It gives you a guide on how to safely work with your “self” and with your horse for maximum benefit. It also covers ten holistic remedies that will cure biting, rearing, bucking and more. Plus, The Mirror Effect introduces you to the old time legendary secret training techniques that are the true principles of the horsemen and women that Karina defines as the artists among horses.

The Mirror Effect looks at a number of dysfunctional cases and shows you how intuitive thought and process can guide you through any problem. Most books tackle issues with horses. This one tackles issues with people too. The Mirror Effect will tell you how you can teach your horse to catch you, not you catch your horse.

It is a powerful read and a guide on the things you should be observing with your horse, intending with your horses and energizing with your horse.

No other training guide in the world has ever attacked this subject the way The Mirror Effect does.

It is completely unique, truly amazing and you won’t want to skip a word.

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